Your iPhone is finally getting a great feature you’ve been wanting for years

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Nick Pope

It can’t be… can it? After almost a decade of begging and pleading, Apple have finally given in.

That’s right, people: iOS 10 allows iPhone users to delete built-in apps.

Once you've downloaded the new iOS 10 to your iPhone (or iPad), you'll be able to remove Apple's own apps like any non-Apple app. It’s been a long-time coming, that’s for sure, and the benefits are two-fold.

Firstly, it’ll free up valuable space on your iPhone, which can be filled with pictures of your face and/or the dankest of dank memes. And two: you’ll no longer feel daily bouts of shame around your complete lack of stocks knowledge.

Apple has previously pointed out that their built-in apps take up less than 150mb, but we’re not going to let figures and common sense get in the way of what is a great day for the human race. We’re going to throw our compass in the bin faster than some surly kid who’s been kicked out of the Scouts for shoving his toggle in another kid's nose.

Needless to say, Twitter lost its goddamn mind when the news was first announced…


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