The iOS 9 Will Fix One Of The Most Annoying iPhone Problems Ever


That nightmare moment where you attempt to update your iPhone, only to find you have zero space and need to delete everything. It's a familiar grumble, but the new iOS 9 is about to end the tedious routine of deleting apps for upgrades. 

A 16-year-old app developer (oh, hello feelings of inadequacy) by the name of Kaleb Butt discovered the new perk when downloading the most recent version of the iOS 9 beta test. 

Upon downloading the operating system to his phone, a new dialogue box appeared on his iPhone with the following message:

With this new system in place, iOS 9 temporarily deletes certain apps (though no information is listed as to which apps receive the non-lethal axe) in order to make way for the update, before automatically reinstalling them - without loss of personal data or saved information.

It's a change that will come as a huge relief to those Apple gadget users with 8GB or 16GB of storage space: the new iOS 9 is reported to require 1.3GB of space - less than previous iOS updates. 

And no, it won't magically make your iPhone 6 waterproof. Though if you fall for that, you don't deserve to be using a smartphone. 

[Via: Forbes]


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