How to make your own bladeless fan for the heatwave

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You don’t have to sweat your pants off during this heatwave. No, instead why not build yourself a cool (and relatively cheap) bladeless fan?

The end times are upon us. A heatwave has swept the UK - and the rest of the world - leaving us longing for the cold, miserable, dark days of winter

And while you should be amply stocked with shades, shirts and shorts (if you’ve been paying attention to our style recommendations at any rate), the soaring temperatures may require a touch more preparation.


Mercifully, Rulof Maker is on hand to act as your DIY saviour, guarding against the sweat tsunami threatening to engulf your weekend. 

Using a plant pot, water jug and small electric fan, his latest ‘How to’ video demonstrates how to bodge together your own bladeless fan. Sure, it might not look as nifty as a Dyson model, but it’s got its own unique, rugged charm right? 

How to make your own bladeless fan

What you’ll need

- Big water container
- Large plant vase
- Smaller plastic vase
- Plexiglass
- Fan
- Scissors / Grinder
- Glue
- Marker pen 

Step 1

Remove the bottom parts of the vase and the water container.

Step 2

Insert the vase into the bottom of the water container. Use a marker pen to mark the height of the vase and cut it following the line.

Step 3

Take a plexiglass sheet and mark two circles along the perimeters of the vase and water container. Cut out the plexiglass ring.

Step 4

Cut 4cm away from the bottom part of the water container. Insert it into the plexiglass cap.

Step 5

Remove the bottom part of a smaller vase and insert a fan.

Step 6

Mark a circle on the side of the container and cut a hole big enough. The attach the fan container to the larger vase. 

Then sit back, relax and let the product of your genius keep you cool while everyone else melts onto the floor into a big puddle.

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