How to build your own life-sized BB-8 for under £100


Looking for a new weekend project? Longing for your very own robotic companion? You're in luck...

Seventeen-year-old engineering enthusiast Angelo Casimiro has taken a leaf out of Anakin Skywalker's book (a good leaf) and created his very own droid - a life-sized version of The Force Awakens' BB-8. And he's inviting you to have a crack at building one yourself.

Costing around £90 to build from scratch, you'll need a good deal of patience to complete your own build - but you don't need access to fancy machinery like 3D printers or CNCs. Once built, you'll be able to control the droid with your own smartphone.

You can follow Casimiro's instructions here, and watch his step-by-step guide below.

Or failing that, you could just buy a ready-made smaller version...


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