Hoverboard bursts into flames during unboxing test


'Hoverboards'. The maligned villain of 2015. 

Hyped as the toy of the year, their rushed mass production supposedly saw some suppliers cut corners on battery technology, causing them to burst into flame. Their firey reputation saw them subsequently pulled from Amazon.

But do the woefully-named boards (they don't hover) actually burst into flame? Or was it just an internet knee jerk after someone's nan's next door neighbour heard about it happening from a friend at the pub?  

The following video would suggest it's not just a myth. Vlogger BuleBritish was in the process of unboxing and testing a second-hand board for his channel when the following occurred...

He's since had to defend his video as a "hoax" from many YouTube commentors - but if the vlogger is to be believed, the cheap board pulled this party trick all by itself.

Given that the boards are banned from public pathways, can't be transported on planes and are no longer imported to the UK, we're willing to believe BuleBritish's claim.

Best stick to skateboards for the time being folks. 


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