Here's your first glimpse of the iPhone 7 (apparently)


Mere days into 2016 and the tech world is already getting itself into a twist over Apple's next major handset. The fickle bunch.

Taiwanese website Apple Club has shared images of what it claims to be internal components for the iPhone 7 - hastily-snapped production line shots of the 3D touch screen that'll be taking pride of place in the new phone.

While pretty nondescript, the above image shows the front a read of a backlit screen component - likely for the iPhone 7, as it shifts the position of the 3D Touch chip in relation to the current iPhone 6S.

Some tech sites are speculating that the leaked component image heaps further fuel on the fires surrounding Apple's bold plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of producing high-def audio via the Lightning Connector port.

However, this is just an image of the screen unit that would sit immediately underneath the case housing - so there's no way of being able to infer a lack of headphone jack.

It's the first of many leaks - we'll bring you more grainy images as and when they arrive from mysterious production lines. Hopefully they'll spill some beans soon.

[Via: 9to5Mac]


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