The first 'leaked' pictures of the iPhone 7 (and it's gold...)

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We'll not delay you with any further teasing: the following image is apparently a new rose gold iPhone 7 prototype, spotted in the wild. 

  • The first 'leaked' pictures of the iPhone 7 (and it's gold...)


    These woefully-lit images cropped up on Chinese microblogging site Weibo - a Twitter-like dumping ground of posts, images and links - before the wider world of Apple leak enthusiasts started sticking their own watermarks on them. 

    Sure, there's no way to verify the credibility of the images, but they do bare a striking resemblance to a series of iPhone 7 technical renderings that appeared online earlier this month.

  • The first 'leaked' pictures of the iPhone 7 (and it's gold...) 1

    The previous design leaks...

    Either what we're looking at is one of the first iPhone 7 prototypes to make it off a Chinese production line and under the camera of a keen leaker - or, someone had a good look at the suggested schematics and decided they could make their own using a current iPhone 6S and some gold paint.

    Will we ever find out? No, no we will not. But it's yet another trickle in what's becoming a general torrent of leaks surrounding Apple's iPhone 7 launch. Who knows, maybe they're trying their hardest to put us off the scent when they reveal their new iPhone in September - ABOARD THE iHOVERBOARD!

    Yeah, probably not. 


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