Here's the biggest hint yet the iPhone 7 is dropping the headphone port

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David Cornish

First there were whispers. Then there were mumblings. Now just about anyone with an internet connection and a passing interest in Apple products is aware that the next iPhone is going to ditch its 3.5mm headphone port in favour of using its Lightning port.

With the iPhone 7 expected to be announced this autumn, the biggest indicator of this rumoured switch has been provided by a variety of companies ramping up accessory production for the new handset. 

Chinese accessory group Tama has just started advertising these headphone adaptors: a small brick of tech that lets you plug conventional headphones into the iPhone 7's Lightning port - apparently the only connection point the new phone will come with.

Some models allow you to plug a charger in simultaneously, whilst others just provide an audio switch over. 

In addition to the new hardware, Fast Company has word from a source at Apple's long time audio chip partner Cirrus Logic that the iPhone 7 will indeed only output audio through the Lightning port, utilising new noise-cancelling technology.

As to whether Apple will provide new Lightning-friendly headphones with the iPhone 7? No one knows - but we wouldn't be surprised if the new handset arrived alongside an offering of highly priced Beats 'Lightning only' models. Sold separately, obviously.


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