Here's how to make your Apple logo glow on your iPhone

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David Cornish

You're right. The Apple logo on your iPhone isn't about to start glowing after you bash in an extra special number sequence on your keypad, hold the hash button and align the camera with magnetic north.

This is going to involve some patience, a small screw driver and the $30 (£22) iPhone Light Kit from The UnLockr.

The fab little kit (there are versions available for all models) includes everything you need to make your iPhone's logo glow like that of the MacBook, making your iPhone instantly 300 per cent cooler than every other handset in a 30 mile area (it's science). 

You should note that this process will make any warranty you might have with Apple totally null and void - but with a GLOWING IPHONE, why would you care? 

It won't drain any massive power from your battery as the device taps into the energy going to your screen, sending it to a small LED that sits over the old logo position. 

For how to go about installing it, check out this video guide by TheUnlockr...


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