Here's how the awesome BB-8 droid toy works


Well that didn't take long.

Sphero's new BB-8 droid, based on the spherical star of forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has been rolling around desks for less than a week and someone has already taken a saw to the poor little guy in an effort to discover his inner workings.

The YouTube tinkerers of uBreakiFix have posted an intimate dissection of BB-8's plastic sphere, revealing a series of wheels and a gyroscope system that allows the droid to be controlled via a connected smartphone.

Two large wheels are kept in constant contact with the sphere's shell thanks to a counterweight at the bottom of a motor unit - which also houses Bluetooth, a wireless battery and other crucial systems. A stem protrudes from the top of this build, topped by a large magnet to attract the attachable head of the BB-8 toy.

To take a peak inside Sphero's Star Wars creation, we suggest you watch the video below. You could buy your own for £130 and cut it up, but we trust you're not that monstrous.


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