Google just released a Skype-killing video app

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Hello, is that Skype? It's Google on a video call for you. They're telling you to pack your bags.

Google has released Duo, a new one-to-one video call app that's aiming to do what pretty much every other video call app already does, but just a lot more efficiently.

So what does Duo do differently?

So what does Duo do differently?

The big sell of Duo is that it will automatically switch between your regular mobile signal and a Wi-Fi connection - jumping seamlessly to whichever is fastest. 

We've not been able to test it out yet, but Google claims the process of jumping to the faster bandwidth is "super smooth": there shouldn't be any broken images or jagged, low-quality shots when you move to your mobile signal from wi-fi.

You don't need a new account

You don't need a new account

Rather than going through your Google Account or having to set up a separate profile, Duo will use your mobile number. No login, no passwords, just call and go. 

It has a painfully simple interface

It has a painfully simple interface

Rather than having a whole heap of options like Skype and Facebook's chat calls, Google has kept Duo clean: everything takes one tap, from selecting someone to call, to answering someone else's call.

Incoming videos give you a preview of the video from whoever's calling you - so you can reject anything you might not want to see. 

It's available for iOS and Android

You can download it here

"But I never make video calls... I always just use the phone."

Us too. But it's nice to know there are options, isn't it?


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