Forget the MacBook - this convertible laptop is even thinner


In the world of increasingly svelte tech, size appears to be everything. 

When Apple unveiled its 12.9mm MacBook last year, the internet rubbed its eyes in disbelief: how could you squeeze enough computer into a space as thick as two vinyl records? 

A year on and Chinese computer group Lenovo has trumped its American rival, showing off its 12.8mm convertible Yoga 900S at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

While you'd need an exacting ruler to notice the 0.1mm of difference between the MacBook and new Yoga, Lenovo's convertible 12.5-inch laptop manages to squeeze even more tricks into its slim case. 

In addition to its 360-degree 'watchband' hinge (which allows the screen and keyboard to rotate all the way round, converting the laptop into a tablet), there's an interactive touch screen, a new Intel Core m7 processor (it's quick) and Dolby Audio Premium sound (it's loud). It also claims to sport 10.5 hours of battery life (the MacBook runs to nine hours), weighing a smidgen under 1kg.

If you were already finding it hard to decide between a MacBook and an iPad Pro, Lenovo just made your decision a great deal harder. Expect it to arrive in March for around £1,000 (the US price is $1,099).


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