Five iPhone 6 Alternatives


The queues are already forming, the hype is threatening to engulf media and yet (despite a few leaks) Apple hasn't even lifted the lid on its latest iGadget offerings.

As we brace ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of iPhone-mania, we've decided to turn our attention to those more humble smartphones easily capable of fulfilling your connected needs.

From Android monsters to affordable gems, these are the pretenders to Apple's smartthrone.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The latest iteration of Samsung's smartphone powerhouse, the Galaxy Note Edge is something a bit different. The curved edge of its screen displays notifications and allows quick access to apps, not unlike the toolbar on your conventional desktop computer - with a set of special covers set to take advantage of this feature. With one of the most vibrant screens ever made, the Note Edge and Note 4 are set to be the Android handsets of the year.

Screen: 5.6 inches

Notable features: Battery quick charge (50 percent full in 30 minutes), fancy stylus and genuinely different design

Price: TBC


Nokia Lumia 830

No, really. A Nokia Windows smartphone. While the refreshed Nokia handsets have struggled to break into the mainstream, that could (and should) all change with the 830. A super-fancy camera comes with some very clever post-photo editing features, like turning flash 'on' after capturing the image, while every photo-manipulation trick you can imagine sits in the PureView app. It also falls in line with all of Microsofts latest Windows 8.1 ambitions, making editing Word documents or grabbing important spread sheets even easier. All that, and it'll cost a lot, lot less than the bigger boys out there.

Screen: 5 inches

Notable features: Zeiss optics, impressive HD screen, Microsoft Office connectivity

Price: TBC, but around £260


HTC One M8

Having finally cracked the smartphone formula with the One, the M8 was the Taiwanese manufacturer's impressive follow up. Within its sleek, curved body is a host of impressive features - foremost being its quadcore processor and 14-day battery life. And if you're the type to enjoy irritating the rest of the bus by playing your music straight for your phone, its stereo speakers are the best on the market (but please, use your headphones)

Screen: 5 inches

Notable features: Super-quick processor, crystal-clear speakers and an UltraPixel camera

Price: £549.99


Sony Xperia Z3

Sony's latest Xperia is another wagon of media tricks: PlayStation connectivity, digital noise cancellation, 4K video are packed into its 7.3mm-thick shell, along with a bundle of music, video and gaming exclusives from the ever-growing Sony Media stable. It's clean, simple design could see it overlooked by some of the flashier Android models out there, but it's one of the most complete packages available.

Screen: 5.2 inches

Notable features: Waterproof, 4K video recording and PlayStation 4 connectivity

Price: £549


Motorola Moto X (2nd gen)

The last Moto X managed to do the seemingly impossible - cram respectable tech into a pretty handset for well under £300. The new model is aiming to do the same again, with a bigger HD screen, quicker chip and neat interchangable cases. We doubt there's going to be a wooden/leather/laser-etched iPhone 6.

Screen: 5.2 inches

Notable features: 'Active' screen, fully customisable, hand-waving functions

Price: TBC


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