Warning: this new Whatsapp scam could have stolen your personal details

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David Cornish

Are you a Whatsapp user? Of course you are - the last text message you sent was in 2013.

You'll want to be aware of a new fraud scam that's currently working its way around the messaging app, taking the form of what appears to be a link sent from a known contact:

The link opens a web page promising to shower discount vouchers on the user if they register their contact details and forward the link on to 10 other Whatsapp users. Once you've shared the link, states the fraudulent site, you'll be given £5 discounts to high street brands such as Starbucks or Zara.

While no banking details are requested by the page, you should never share full contact details with a web site without being aware of what they want to do with such data. It's possible they could sell it on to other email marketing groups or more malicious buyers who might have interest in stealing your online identity.

In short: if anyone attempts to share a voucher link or 'Look' link with you via Whatsapp, don't open it. Call your friend. Tell them they're an idiot. Suggest they keep an eye on their email and banking activity.

If the internet is offering you something that sounds too good to be true, it's because it probably is.

[Via: BT]

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