The best wireless headphones of 2016

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Wires. They're so 2015.

Even Apple is getting bored of them, with all manner of internet rumblings suggesting the next iPhone will do away with the standard 3.5mm audio input in favour of embracing the wireless future (or plugging through the Lightning port). 

As Bluetooth and battery tech becomes increasingly potent, wireless headphones are now packing some seriously impressive audio chops. These are the best releases of 2016 so far. 

  • The best wireless headphones of 2016

    Skullcandy Grind

    • 12-hour battery life in a compact build
    • Durable metal headband construction
    • Impressive sound quality for under £100


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 1

    Powerbeats2 by Beats

    • Sporty build that's sweat and water resistant 
    • Off out on a run but forgot to charge? 15 minutes will give you an hour of playback
    • Over-ear grips are adjustable, making for a snug, comfy fit


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 2

    Lindy BNX-60

    • Impressive sound quality from a name you might not have heard of (this model has picked up a truck-load of awards)
    • Active noise cancellation that cuts down on background chatter
    • 15-hour battery life


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 3


    • Notice how Sony writes EXTRA BASS in capitals? We like to think it's an extra nod toward just how much low end they've managed to squeeze out of these cans with some fancy new tech
    • 30-hour play time
    • The ear cups swivel flat for ease of packing - or if you've got a funny-shaped head


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 4


    • Wireless in-ear design that's charged via an accompanying carry pod
    • Ear buds are a comfortable fit, and won't become dislodged while running. Should you drop one, there's a neat "Find me" function
    • Waterproof, so great for swimming (so long as you've got a waterproof smartphone)


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 5

    Parrot Zik 3

    • Easy-to-use touch controls - it'll even pause when it detects you've taken them off
    • Get a full 18-hour battery life from under two hours of charging
    • Impressive 5.1 sound output with a heap of tools to design your own sound


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 6

    Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

    • Active noise cancellation cancels out ambient noise cancellation (don't use it if you're on your bike though, seriously)
    • Comfortable over-ear design that can fold for sticking in your backpack
    • Impressively rich bass 


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 7

    Bose QuietComfort 35

    • 20-hour battery when wireless (40 hours if you cheat and use the wired connection)
    • Brilliant acoustic noise cancellation
    • Easy-to-use partner app lets you adjust the sound output to your own sweet spot


  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 8

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7

    • Touch controls situated on the outside of the can, so you don't have to faff about feeling for the right button
    • 20-hour battery life
    • Absurdly plush build, with cowhide leather and lambskin. They sound great as well, which you'd expect for the price



  • The best wireless headphones of 2016 9

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless

    • 10-metre Bluetooth range - great for wandering around the house in 'the zone' until you trip over the cat because you didn't hear it
    • Comfortable on-ear design, with leather-padded cans that won't crush your lobes
    • The speakers use something called a diaphragm movement to pump out incredible detailed sound. All we know is they'll help you hear stuff you've never heard in your favourite album before



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