Apple are getting help with the new iPhone from the last people you'd ever expect

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Apple and Samsung don't get on. They're about as comfortable with each other as bag of fine grain salt and an open wound. You just don't put them together.

Which means it comes as a notable surprise that the two tech giants might be burying their differences (legal disputes, patent infringements, petty social media squabbles) to work on future iPhones.

The North Korean Times has word that Samsung is looking to challenge LG's display business to sign a deal with Apple to provide next-generation OLED screens from 2018 - likely to appear in iPhone 8 handsets. 

The current iPhone 6S uses an LCD display - still capable of quality, HD images, but lacking in the detail that an OLED screen can provide, in addition to lower power requirements, a wider viewing angle and brighter screen. Samsung is seen as owning some of the strongest small OLED screens in the market, so a sponsored_longform could produce a beautiful phone.

Apple's business model is one that sees them partner with many, many technology groups to create the iPhone - so while a deal with Samsung might appear odd, it would just denote a change in their manufacturing partners. Indeed, Samsung used to work with Apple for a range of older iPhone and iPad screens, but legal disputes and competition from LG and Sharp saw Samsung lose the deal.

So long as they give us a handset with a beautiful screen and a battery life that lasts a full day, we'll be happy.


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