10 Best Fashion Apps For Men


We're not going to tell you how to dress yourself. 

That's the job of the snide observations of your closest friends and relations. 

No, we're here to help you pick up the pieces after their latest comment about "that shirt". 

These are the best apps for those of you looking to get some advice, tips and tricks on putting together a slick wardrobe.

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men


    An obvious starter, but Instagram is a superb jumping off point for getting some style inspiration.

    Search any and every style related hashtag you can think of ('suits', 'shoes', 'fashion') and then link yourself up with...

    Price: Free (Android, iOSWindows)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 1

    ...this wonder service. is offering an increasing number of stylish types the ability to add a link to their posts: when you 'Like' their image, this service will email you all the details on how and where to buy the look. 

    Price: Free

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 2

    Snap Fashion

    Seen something you like in the street? Taken a picture of someone on the bus like a stalker? Then you can use the fancy image recognition software of Snap Fashion to browse through related looks and find out just where that shirt was from. Or you could be less weird and just ask.

    Price: Free (iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 3

    Mr Porter

    You know that dapper chap from Sales? The one who seems to rock a neat new set of attire every fortnight? He probably uses Mr Porter's app. And he almost certainly doesn't have any money left for food.

    Price: Free (Android, iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 4


    One of the more accomplished app shopping experiences on offer, ASOS's range of basics and staples is one of the best around.

    Price: Free (Android, iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 5


    Like shoes? Of course you do - pointless question. The Size? app will keep you up to date with trainer releases and shoe news, allowing you to order straight from the app or kill time between answering important emails.

    Price: Free (iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 6


    No, you're perfectly capable of arranging your own clothes and packing a suitcase. We're not questioning your abilities as an adult. But if you need some help planning for a holiday, or finding a shirt that'll actually go with those jeans you just bought in the sale, Stylebook is for you.

    Price: £2.99

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 7


    "I can't find anything that fits - my arms are unusually long you see..." Then Fitbay is the app of your awkward-fitting dreams. Select a profile that matches your body type, and then see what other fashion hipsters with your frame are wearing. You can then either copy them, or realise you're much better off sticking to your own ideas.

    Price: Free (iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 8

    Sneaker Watch

    Should you spend the majority of your free moments scrolling through trainer photos, you might as well make your life a lot simpler with Sneaker Watch. The biggest and best trainer stories, curated in a simple app, with a release schedule for planning your spends.

    Price: Free (Android, iOS)

  • 10 Best Fashion Apps For Men 9

    How to Tie a Tie

    Contrary to what you learnt some 15 years ago, there are more than two ways of tying a tie (a good way, and a bad way). This self-explanatory app supplies you with easy guides on how to tie every knot under the sun (for a price), with useful mirror instructions and illustrations. 

    Price: In-app purchases (Android, iOS)


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