Awesome Next Generation Three-Wheel Car


Let's face it, when you say 3-wheeler, what immediately springs to mind is an old yellow Robin Reliant with the words 'Paris, New York, Peckham' written on the side.

But all that is set to change with the release of the Elio tandem three-wheeler. It features a 3-cylinder engine, 8 gallon tank and can do a seriously-impressive 84 miles to the gallon on the motorway. It'll boast a top speed of 100mph and should retail at around $7,000 (£4,146) when it's released in 2015. As if that wasn't enough, it also comes in a range of extremely vivid colours, although no news on 'Peckham yellow' as yet.

Check out the impressive images and video below; for more information and to reserve yours, head to the Elio Motors website.

(Images: Elio Motors)