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  • Kele Okereke on the challenges of being a dad

    Kele Okereke on the challenges of having children when you're in a same-sex relationship

    The Bloc Party frontman talks about being a Dad and how "there will always be people that have problem with you"

    Posted by
    Chris Mandle
  • Last minute Father's Day gifts for any budget

    Father's Day gifts so good you'll struggle to part with them

    Do not panic. We've pulled together a selection of gift ideas so fine he'll never know you pulled them out of your sleeve at the 11th hour

    Posted by
    Kirstie Finlayson
  • Books

    The 30 most memorable literary fathers

    These book dads certainly left an impression

  • Entertainment

    We assessed how good cartoon dads actually are as parents

    Turns out most of them aren't great...

    Posted by
    Sam Diss