Worst music video fashion of the 00s


The Noughties. The 2000s. That period where we gradually stopped going into shops to buy your music.

Whatever catchy way you decide to phrase the years between 2000-2010, it wasn't all that long ago.

With this in mind, we should be doubly ashamed at some of the fashion that went on in music videos. Much of it was truly horrendous, and now we've picked 10 of the biggest offenders, below...

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Craig David - Walking Away

Had those beanie hats not eradicated his coolness, we’re pretty sure Craig David’s other fashion faux pas would have done the trick. After all, who could forget the crooner’s atrocious green-and-black chequered jumper he chose to pair with some aimless bling on Walking Away? We only wish we could - the pattern is almost hypnotic.


Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On

No one can pull off double denim, and even if you did live in ‘90s Slovakia, chances are you’d soon be pulling it off in a physical sense anyway. Missy Elliot gave it a go in the early noughties, gyrating along to her Timbaland-produced 2001 classic in a gem-studded two-piece. Proof, if it were needed, that not even rap royalty is exempt from committing crimes against fashion.


O-Town - Liquid Dreams

Nothing signalled the end of the ‘uniformed’ boy band quite O-Town did. Near parody in appearance (bandanas, baggy jeans, red sunglasses), the boys went one better for the final sequence of Liquid Dreams , appearing in near identical get-up and resembling overgrown quintuplets belonging to a pushy mother intent on a matching brood.


Blazin’ Squad - Crossroads

Ben Sherman shirt, fringe gelled until near concrete, WKD in the one hand not flapping widly as the chorus drops - you know the look. A grating reminder of awkward adolescence for many UK men of a certain age, Blazin’ Squad are especially notorious for the garish shirts they wore; the video to their landmark single Crossroads is testament to that.


Destiny’s Child - Say My Name

Levels of finger-snapping sass had never been higher as when this regrettably titled track, which saw Beyonce, Kelly and The Other One flounder across various living rooms dressed in outfits colour co-ordinated with the furnishings, giving it a feel of a TV sofa ad, hit our screens. Those copper-toned PVC crop tops were also a serious low point.


Sync - Bye Bye Bye

Released in January 2000, N Sync ushered in the new millennia like the 90s had never left, kitting two of the members out in bright orange. With one electing to restrict his orange to a t-shirt, the other chose what could easily be descibed as a life-jacket. They clearly waved ‘bye bye bye’ to what little dignity they had left.


DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide

DJ Casper: solely responsible for 90 per cent of hip injuries at wedding functions since he first gave us the Cha Cha Slide. His only saving grace is that the informative lyrics fail to describe where you can pick up the outfits spotted in the video's city-encompassing dance rallies. A truly woeful showing.


Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This

Echoing the song’s sentiments entirely, we imagine the production team tried to get through the shoot of this cheap looking pop video as quickly as possible. It could explain why the hamster-voiced Bedingfield ends up wearing a painfully unflattering black t-shirt and leather jacket combo normally reserved for TV movie Thug #3.


Sisqo - Thong Song

Contrary to popular belief - okay, the internet - Sisqo didn't die in a fiery boat accident. He’s very much alive, still plaguing r&b with dubious dance moves and sexually-charged lyric, a backlog of work perhaps best summed up by one-hit wonder The Thong Song, which, if your retinas don't still bear the scars, features an all-white leather ensemble that can only be described as the most ill thought-out beach attire imaginable.



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