These Amazing Covers Finally Make The Apple Watch Waterproof


Proud owner of an Apple Watch? 

Peeled back the sticky plastic on the screen and felt content about its defenses against the germ-ridden, condiment-splattered mess that is day-to-day life? Great, but we bet you also know its biggest weak point: water.

H20 is effectively the kryptonite to Apple’s latest piece of tech genius, the only real flaw in its build. Splash-proof, sure, but try forgetting to take one off before a shower or doing the washing up. Perish the thought.

There's now an antidote to this heinous foe: a first-of-its-kind, heavy-duty waterproof case for the 42mm Apple Watch by tech accessories brand Catalyst, armed with a 24mm quick-release NATO nylon wrist strap and built for an IP-68 protection rating. Which, if you know your ratings, allows for immersion into water deeper than one meter.

So rest assured, the only splashes you’ll be in danger of facing with this shell bolted on comes from the colorful crown dial, jazzing up that plain black interface no end.

A snip at £40 - and available in three different styles - it could save you an awful lot more in the long run.