The stylish smartwatch that won't make you look geeky


Smartwatches are cool, but they do have a stigma attached to them (kind of like when you see a business man riding a swegway). If only there was some way you could combine the look of a premium timepiece with the handy technology of a smartwatch. Oh, wait, someone did! Chinese company Mobvi has created the stylish Ticwatch 2, which they call "the most interactive smartwatch."

It's compatible with iPhones and Androids, and comes pre-loaded with helpful apps such as Health, Calendar, Alarm and Dialer. You'll also be able to operate the smartwatch with your voice, as well as having a signature side touch strip that'll let you scroll and zoom without covering the screen of the watch.
But, most importantly, it doesn't look like a futuristic nightmare. All styles are sleek and can be worn casually or with tailoring and won't look out of place.
Fancy one yourself? Find out how you get your hands on one here.


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