Timex teams up with Mr. Porter for this ace, all-black watch

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Sam Diss

I go through periods where I’m not sure if I’m actually a Watch Guy or not. Sometimes I feel naked without a strip of material-and-metal around my wrist, looking forlornly at my forearm like a mother wishing her sons home from war. And sometimes I’m just not arsed. 

Anyway, today I’m arsed – very arsed – about this ace, all-the-way-blacked-out ‘Waterbury’ Timex watch in collaboration with Mr. Porter - an exclusive to the store. It’s got a black leather strap and clasp, Timex’s classic clean face, and is water-resistant up to 50 metres. That’s pretty good.

Owning one will make you feel like a Commando or – at the very least – an art director, some sort of monochromatic creative head of a company that doesn’t actually exist yet (or just a guy who likes wearing black: whichever you like).

The Waterbury is available from Mr. Porter for £120


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