You can buy slipper versions of your favourite trainers


For as many years as we can remember, men have had to choose between two types of slipper: the open-backed slide-on, invariably sporting an hilarious image of Homer Simpson, or the Moccasin, a brown suede item with the power to add 40 years to the most youthful of gents.

Quite why it's taken anyone so long to exploit this abundant lack of choice is beyond us, but the good people at Fuggit stand to make a good deal of cash with their new luxurious, street wear-inspried line.

There are seven models in Fuggit's knitted boot line-up, each modelled on an iconic sneaker design. Kanye's Yeezy 2 has been reworked into the 'TAKEITEAZYS', while the Nike Air Mag of Back to the Future fame is resplendent in chunky knit glory.

Prices start at $69.99 (£45), with the more expensive Lebron-esque models reaching $99.99 (£64).

Best act quickly if you want a pair - we can't imagine the likes of Nike will take kindly to their models being stitched up by these superb imitators.

(Images: Fuggit)

[Via: High Snobiety)


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