Water-Proof Adidas Gore-Tex Pack


GORE-TEX isn't sexy. It's not fashionable. It's a sensible, clever, water-proof technology that works hard to keep you comfortable. It's like the Trevor McDonald of fabrics. And yet adidas Originals has managed to make GORE-TEX look bloody brilliant. 

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their ZX shoes, the brand has released a weather-resistant iteration of the ZX Flux in three colours: black, navy and - for those night time runners - orange. 

Echoing the ancestral ZX 8000 runner, the woven GORE-TEX pack is an ultra light specimen: totally breathable, a wide-folding 'bellows' tongue attached to the sides of the upper helps keep the wearer's foot free of damp socks. 

Perfect for that winter jog you told yourself you were definitely going to go on come January, the black GORE-TEXs arrive on adidas' online store on 1 December, with the full range appearing in select retailers. Think of them as "British weather friendly". 

(Images: adidas)


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