The Vans TH SK8 Mid Skool LX

Say what you like about diamond waffle patterns on cow leather, but, frankly, we can’t get enough of it.
OK, so perhaps it's not a topic at the forefront of your mind, but this could all change after one look in the direction of these crisp all-over-white Vans mid-tops, which, while laden with thick suede toe capping and a neat stitched heel, they're brought to life with a distinctive waffle iron outline, meshing superbly with the trademark Vans streak.
You’d struggle to find a better set of casual kicks than the TH SK8 Mid Skool LX, which also come augmented with some foxing sole and herringbone-moulded toe bumpers, each section white enough to dazzle innocent bystanders at will.
In fact we like them so much we can even forgive the childish use of text speak in the shoe's name.
BRB, we’ve got to go and buy a pair online, KK?