The usual Converse, only warmer


The weather’s rubbish at the moment, isn’t it? Well, get used to it. It’ll probably be rubbish for a while. Don’t fret, though, because Converse is doing its utmost to combat the big chilly sucker that is British winter, by unveiling its Winterized range.

The shoes are Converse All Star boots, adapted for cold weather. So, options include leather boots in black, charcoal grey and chocolate (£80), and – our favourites – Chucks with thick, cold-proof shearing lining (£65). They’re all available from

What’s more, as if simply providing us with new footwear wasn’t enough, Converse is organising several events across London this month to help us deal with the bad weather and long nights, including film screenings, pub quizzes, and an Adam Buxton-curated stand-up night.

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