The Tennis-Inspired Reebok Pump

Think of the words ‘pump’ and ‘tennis’ and it’s hard not to conjure up images of Andy Murray’s celebratory fist pumping - surely only matched by Alan Shearer’s lofted arm for unoriginality.
Well now here’s a better image for you - the ALIFE x Reebok Court Victory Pump ‘Ball Out’, a reissued and modified take on 2006’s Court Victory Pump, marked with the words ‘Ball Out’ as tribute to the last release.
Mixing the vivid yellow ball colorway upper with a clean white and ice-blue clear outer sole, it’s a refreshing alternative to the tired and basic tennis shoe. Not that Murray would ever get into Wimbledon rocking up in a pair of these court-inspired Pumps.
Then again, given these luminous green kicks would have umpires and line-judges ignoring the actual ball, that's probably for the best.
The trainers will be out at ALFIE New York and Rivington Club’s online store from 13 December