The Reebok Pump Reborn


No, you haven't bumped your head and woken up in 1989. Someone at Reebok has though.

First incorporated into its now-legendary hi-top basketball trainers, Reebok has rejuvenated its air-filled technology for the ZPump Fusion. 

The Z stands for... we've got no idea, but it sounds terribly contemporary doesn't it?

Built in a bare-foot model, the ZPump Fusion surrounds the wearer's foot with a "cage" of air (more a bubble, given that cages are full of holes): a pump and valve near the heel of the foot allows you to fill the "cage" with air until a comfortable amount of pressure has been reached, cushioning your foot and providing a close fit.

Modern technology arrives in the form of a lightweight "fusion sleeve" and seamless compression sleeve, adding to the custom-fit feeling. Puma's Cross Fit-inspired ZRATED sole rounds off the features of an altogether action-ready trainer. 

Arriving on Reebok's online store on 10 March, you can put in your pre-order now.

Here's hoping they release a version with those springy laces from the 1990s in the next few months. 


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