The Hunter Driving Shoes


At the risk of sounding like Alan Partridge, driving shoes are a good thing.

Bear with us on this. All too often people put foot-to-pedal without donning sensible footwear, leading to some seriously uncomfortable travel time. Of course this isn't helped by the fact driving shoes have remained a niche for luxury brands with silly price tags for some years now.

Thankfully, now Hunter (the same folk behind those Wellington boots celebrities wear to muddy festivals, yes) have got in on the act, forging a comfortable shoe for the car which is as practical as it is modish – and affordable as well.

Lying somewhere between boat shoe and rubber plimsoll, the classical-looking slip-on number is available in three colours and boasts a heel constructed for maximum comfort when putting your foot down.

Prices start from £75 – though please refrain from air drumming at the lights. That is Partridge behaviour we just cannot condone.


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