The £600 Buscemi 100mm Vegtan


Well this certainly brings a whole new meaning to Foot Locker…

We've long been fond of the safety ethics of Buscemi, those upmarket casual shoemakers who often add a chunky lock to their wares in the name of novelty, and finally there's evidence to suggest one of its creations could well benefit from some extra security measures.

After all, if any trainers were ever worth stealing, it would be this pair of £600 kicks: the Vegtan, taking their name from the undyed vegetable-tanned Nappa leather used throughout, look nothing short of spectacular.

There's also a three-piece mechanical closure mechanism to help tighten things up, along with the standard lacing system. Too much? When they look like the magnetic prison boots from Face Off, there's no such thing.

Though if you do fancy splashing out, we recommend getting a spare key cut. You wouldn't want to end up locked in to your own trainers now, would you?


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