Spring-loaded running shoes a reality


For anyone who scoffed at the bold ideals of the ACME Corporation, we have news for you: spring-loaded shoes are now a reality.

Meet the Springblade Razor, a new sports trainer from Adidas, which, equipped with 16 blades on the bottom of each shoe, and engineered with specially engineered plastic, is as cutting-edge as its moniker would lead you to believe.

How does it work? The blades compress under a person’s weight when pressure is exerted on the ground during a run, then spring back to help propel the foot forward - while neat web design allows for better breath-ability.

Available in Solar Blue, Tech Grey Metallic or Light Scarlet, the shoes go on sale in the US from today, with a European release slated for later in the year. Expect to pay around £110, and expect those leisurely jogs to get a lot more leisurely.


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