Spring Arrives With The Adidas Originals Suisse


Do not adjust your set. By all means, grab some sunglasses or put on your best squint - but this really is how bright Adidas has made its latest spring release. 

Packed with more zest than a freezer's worth of Calippos, Adidas Originals has resurrected an 80's staple to usher in the warmer months of 2015. 

It's not just the peach and lemon colourways that makes the new Suisse suitable for a summer outing: the upper is constructed from a breathable mesh, overlaid with a nubuck pig suede. The tongue is made from a reconstituted Ecotex material, while a synthetic leather lines the inside of these spruced sneakers. 

Set to arrive on Hanon in the near future, you'll be able to pick up these holiday-ripe trainers for £69. 

Whatever you do, don't lick them. Nubuck suede never tastes as fruity as it looks.

[Via: Hanon]


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