Saucony's awesome ice cream-inspired trainers


We were hoping to embed a clip of Green Sleeves being played on soft musical chimes to kick in at the opening of this story, but we feared you might close it for interrupting your summer playlist. Still, the thought's there. 

The cause of this ice cream van intro? The latest release in Saucony's sumptuous 'Scoops' pack, which has transformed the G9 Shadow 6 into an exuberant dollop of Vanilla Strawberry ice cream. 

Hewn from a buttery suede, the G9 Shadow 6 features a creamy vanilla and strawberry palate, with strawberry flecks in the gum rubber midsole.

The Vanilla Strawberry joins the equally excellent Scoops Mint, which reworks the G9 Shadow 5 in soft mint greens (obviously). 

The Strawberry Vanilla pack will join the Mint in selected Saucony retailers from 15 May.

Now, be a dear and fetch us a Flake?


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