Return Of The 1984 Adidas Boston Super


Don't worry, Adidas hasn't performed the sacrilegious act of turning George Orwell's masterpiece into a trainer. 

The returning work of 1984 in question is the Boston Super - a running shoe that lit up the namesake marathon of '84 and propelled itself into the hearts and wardrobes of streetwear fans. 

Resurrected for an exclusive collaboration with size?, the archival training shoe has kept its original mesh and suede materials, with an updated EVA midsole for improved comfort. While it's a more technical shoe than its 31-year-old sibling, we'd advise against calling on its improved fit for the summer fun runs - it'll play havoc with the suede.

Available in a pale blue or grey colourway, the new Boston Super arrives at size? on 20 February for £77.

And if you were expecting an Orwellian tribute, you might have to wait another 34 years for its centenary. 

(Images: size?)

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