Retro Reebok Classic Athletics


Some of you may be old enough to remember the original launch of Reebok's GL6000 in 1985. We don't want to make you feel old, but 29 years on and these now 'Classic' trainers are back, sporting a modern redesign.

Six bold and brilliant colourways make up the new GL6000 Athletic pack, bringing contrasting tones to the suede and mesh construction of these old school runners. New leather sections help break up the texture of the release, adding some smooth lines to the rough fabrics of the original.

Our pick of the latest colours is divided between the suitably-classic red and steel model and the contrasting hues of the black, yellow and 'Foggy Grey'. Available on Reebok's online store for £65, the 80s never looked so good.

(Images: Reebok)

[Via: High Snobiety]