Puma's Reflective Disc Blaze Trainer


Reflective clothing isn't cool. It's useful, life-saving even, helping keep cyclists and the like visible in the dead of night - but it's not fashionable. With one exception. 

This glittering vision is the Puma Disc Blaze Reflective, an old school runner with a head-turning paint job. 

First released back in 1994, Puma set about decking out its once-revolutionary locking lace system with a wave of new releases last year. The Reflective sees the Disc Blaze coated in a tweaked 3M finish - a reflective, glittering surface that changes the tone of the shoe under different lighting. 

Each material in the Reflective build behaves differently under intense lighting - the plastic heel cage, mesh toe box and neoprene sock all giving off a different sparkle. In daylight, the Disc Blaze will carry silver and grey tones, but should you step into some intense beams things will get a lot flashier.

Set for a limited release in the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled on Puma stockists for news on pricing. 

[Via: Sneaker Bar]


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