Puma's Lattice-Covered XS-500 Trainer


Do you suffer from a powerful case of ortholinaphobia? Best steer clear of Puma's latest release then, it'll bring you out in a nasty sweat.

For those of you not afflicted with a fear of straight lines (yes, it's a real phobia), the new XS-500 could well become your trainer of choice this summer. 

Designed in two styles, the Graphic and the Fade, Puma's new silhouette gains some heel-turning looks in the form of a rubberised latticework. Borrowing from the comfortable stylings of the Trinomic series, the Graphic features a flared, hot-rod-inspired heel unit with appropriately graphic fabric designs, while the Fade keeps things a touch smoother, with plain colours and a curved heel.

Available in a variety of warped colours, the Graphic is set to arrive in Foot Locker in coming weeks, while the Fade is due for an April release.