Nike's festival pack


The Brazilian summer is proving deliciously infectious, producing a seemingly unstoppable torrent of World Cup-themed designs and tributes. The good news is, Nike's latest carnival celebration will still appeal to those of you who couldn't give a stuff about the football.

The bright and brilliant Festival Pack works its colourful magic on three classic models of Nike running shoe - the Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Roshe Run.

The more conservative amongst you will probably find preference with the venom green Air Max 1 (£95) - a bold-yet-manageable take on the Brazilian colours. Those looking to host a carnival from the ankle down will find little to separate the crimsons and pinks of the Air Max 90 (£95) and the riot of yellow covering the Roshe Run (£75).

You can pick up a pair from Crooked Tongues. We're off in search of some matching sequined socks...

(Images: Crooked Tongues)


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