Nike's Air Max Moon Shoes


It was always going to happen. As soon as Nike named a model of their cushioned Air Max the 'Lunar', the stage was set for a moon-themed space shoe.

Fittingly, they've waited until the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s small step for man to realise the potential of their oddly named trainer.

This special edition sees the Air Max Lunar90 SP covered in a 3M lunar print: craters, rocks and moon dust replacing the usual woven fabrics of the trainer. The sole follows suit, taking on a grey speckled look.

It wouldn't be a true celebration of Armstrong's arrival on the moon without drawing attention to the ultimate winners of the space race. As such, the heels of the Lunar90 are bedecked in the stars and stripes of the US flag, which still hangs on the surface of the Moon.

Assuming you're not a Moon Landing Conspiracy theorist, you'll be able to get your hands on this excellent special edition on 20 July from Nike's online store and retailers including Bodega.