Nike's Air Max 1 'Breathe'


We know - the average temperature of the British summer hardly justifies purchasing breathable footwear, but Nike's latest iteration of the Air Max 1 makes a rather tempting case to hope for the best.

The 'Breathe' is by far the lightest, airiest Air Max of the shoe's 27-year history - open mesh uppers help encourage air circulation, while the elastic laces and soft heel counters provide a snug-yet-soft fit. Should you prefer to face summer sans socks, antimicrobial lining helps fight off any unwanted smells caused by unseemly bacteria.

Available in blue, orange, grey/green and (our preferred) platinum/red colourways for £105, you can assure yourself it's always best to be prepared for sunny spells - right?

(Images: Nike)

[Via: Complex]