Nike’s Stunning Free Trainer 3.0

Pounding the treadmill yet? Trying not to make eyes with the herculean chap squat thrusting awkwardly nearby? Realising your battered trainers just aren’t up to it anymore?
Well handily, just in time to match that shiny new gym membership and smugly officiated health kick of yours, today sees the release of Nike’s stunning Free Trainer 3.0, to give you the clean set of heels you need for 2015.
So much more than simply eye-catching, mind, the footwear is arguably the most flexible ever forged at Nike HQ, boasting a pioneering outsole sports - this is dotted with hexagonal flex grooves offering six different flex points for better natural motion (think nimbly evading some skateboarding scamp during a jog in the park) - with sturdiness deftly offset with the brand’s Flywire technology.
And what will this pair cost you? £90. A small price to pay for fellow gym goers looking at your feet instead of your wheezing face.