Nike are bringing back one of their classic silhouettes and you're going to want them

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Gary Ogden
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Movies, music, television, and obviously shoes - bring something good back from the past and keep your fingers crossed: it might be good in the present, too. Nike have had a huge amount of retro success by updating classic silhouettes from their storied history, and if it ain’t broke, don’t call the repairman. As such, the latest model to be plucked from the archives is the Grandstand II, direct from the heady tennis-filled days of 1992.

Nike are releasing the update in three subtle colourways - two white-leather ones that are smart as all-hell, and an all-over pink blush, for the riskier amongst you.

Yes please


Oooooh hello

Lovely to meet you

Yes please

There’s no official drop date just yet, but keep your eyes on the Nike website and jump on (or in) these asap.

(Images: Nike)


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