New Balance Shows Off Urban Noise Trainers


Police sirens. The rumble of traffic. A fox gagging on a discarded kebab. Mercifully, none of these sounds have inspired New Balance's latest collection, Urban Noise. 

There isn't in fact any audio involved at all, the 'Noise' in question apparently a reference to "streetwear edginess". 

Designed with the urban landscape in mind, the pack calls upon a subtle camo print to set itself apart from New Balance's more conservative classic looks. 

Features redesigns of the 996 and 580, five contrasting colour options make up the release.

Each of the 996 models (the opening two images) is awash in suedes and mesh, while the 580 features smooth leathers finished with dry wicking technology. 

Now available on the New Balance online store, you can pick up a set of the Urban Noise 996 for £80 and 580 for £85

(Images: New Balance)


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