Kick Labs x Le Coq Sportif Zenith

Trainer brands don’t get much more French than Le Coq Sportif. And if they did they’d need to be decked out in Breton stripes with a miniature image of a baguette-clutching Eric Cantona stitched into the tongue.
Which might explain why, safe in the knowledge its traditions are established, the company has had no qualms turning to the Far East for its latest design, joining forces with Japanese sneaker retailer Kick Labs for the Zenith.
This pertinently named turquoise beauty is clearly a product of two companies at the very top of their game, decorating said shoe with white mesh upper, cool grey suede overlays and bold black panel to underline its brilliance.
And as you’d fully expect of a high-end sports trainer, a cushioned white midsole and contoured rubber outsole ensures any bounding will be well protected, whether it’s bettering your on-track sporting prowess or helping you avoid that massive puddle as you jump onto the 133 bus.
Not that you’d take the risk of ever getting this pair wet, mind.