As any mulish MC Hammer tribute act will attest, 25 years is a cruelly long time in fashion.

Not that all fashion looks from that era have steadily accrued an infamous reputation, mind, with the Reebok Pump proof of that. And now, one quarter of a century on, the iconic piece of footwear is celebrating its landmark birthday with a neat couple of collaborations.

The first we can bring you news of is the INVINCIBLE x, built in conjunction with Taiwanese retailer Invincible, and inspired by the polo shirt worn by former tennis player Michael Te-Pei Chang at the 1989 French Open where he became the youngest men's tennis grand slam winner (17 years and four months, sickeningly).

It’s the sort of loudly coloured sports shirt that even hipsters would struggle to pull off. But the shoes? Doused in purple and teal accents with yellow midsoles, why, they come off superbly, even if the whole package will cost you £185 on its forthcoming release.

And no, you can't wear them with parachute pants. Put them back in the cupboard.


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