Iconic Fashion Houses Launch Bespoke Shoe-Making Services


You wait for ages for a high-end designer to launch a bespoke made-to-measure shoe service, then, as the rules of cliché dictate, three arrive at once.

First up is Louis Vuitton’s Made To Order service (image 1): choose the shape, material (leather or crocodile), finish and detailing to ensure the shoes meet your specifications. They’ll be made in a workshop in the Venetia region of Italy — home of master shoemakers since the 13th century. An impressive opening pitch.

But it has competition. Prada has announced a capsule collection with the slightly less prosaic title of Walking In Milano (image 2). It features four different styles that you can tailor to your requirements by choosing the materials and colours to fit.

And then there’s Gucci — the highest profile of the three, not least because it’s hired James Franco (pictured) — who has worked for the label before — to front the campaign. Gucci’s Made To Measure differs in that it’s not limited to shoes.

We’re sure by now you have a handle on what a bespoke shoe service entails, so we’ll focus on the suits. There’s a choice of 82 textiles, allowing for 178 combinations of colours, fabrics and graphic textures such as pinstripes and checks. These are supported by customisable shirts.

Prada’s service is already available at its three London stores, and Gucci’s service is ready for customers now at its Sloane Street store, London. For Louis Vuitton you will have to wait a little longer: the service comes to its New Bond Street location in late June.;;


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