Hunter's functional welly trainers


Festival season is nearly upon us. While the Met office forecasts heat waves and hosepipe bans, your British instincts tell you do doubt those empty promises. So, trainers or wellies?

Hunters are looking to eliminate this quandary with the Bakerson. Aiming to be the staple footwear of an active British summer, they resemble an unlikely lovechild of a high-top and Wellington boot: the natural rubber construction promises to stand up to conditions that would ruin a lesser canvas shoe, while a moulded leather-lined footsole will ensure that they won't rub up a treat like the average welly.

A coloured pull tab adds some functional flair, and if you wondered what that lip of extra rubber on the heel is for (we did), it's a kick spur - actively encouraging you to stomp the Bakerson off when it's caked in mud.

Available for £65 from the Hunters website, here's hoping the waterproof credentials won't receive too thorough a testing.

(Images: Hunters)


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