Footpatrol & New Balance's Encyclopaedia Trainer


Before the internet, there was... we can't really remember. Outdoorsie stuff? Conversations with loved ones, probably. And something called the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

To pay tribute to the legendary reference resource that helped the world get along before Google, New Balance's UK branch has teamed up with Footpatrol to create a modified M1500. Because nothing says encyclopaedic icon more than a pair of black trainers, right?

Jokes aside, a lot of thought has gone into the 'Encyclopaedia' to make it a beautifully detailed shoe: the upper echoes the leather-bound design of the book, with suede and smooth leathers providing contrasting textures. Reflective piping snakes around the ankle collar, furthered by the gold detailing on the shoe's stitching, referencing the gold embossed letters of the book's cover. The underside of the tongue features an illustration of an open book, with the words "Knowledge is key" written above the logo. 

Even the midsole references the book - the off white colouring with red logo a nod to its pages and book marker. 

Due for release at Footpatrol stores and online on 24 January, the Encyclopaedia will set you back £145. 


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