Converse's Super Cool All Star Chuck Taylor '70 Leather

Burly moustaches. Minimalist football shirts. Robert De Niro films where he actually cared. A lot of things were better in the seventies…
Converse is a company with a similar mind-set. They've jazzed up our feet with the All Star Chuck Taylor '70 series for what feels like years, and now they've gone and created what might be the cleanest pair to date, draping the original design in white premium leather.
Not that you’d need baggy flares and a wild perm to pull them off, mind: ultra-modish thanks to the swish egret leather juxtaposed with rawhide laces, they'd look good in any decade. Preferably one where skinny chinos are sold in shops. 
Priced just south of £100, hop over to Converse’s online store or click here to purchase a pair now. Scroll down for more images. 
[Via: Stupiddope]